TRIBULL, Kyle Everette

Date Last Seen:2011-01-26
Missing From:1000 block Granville St, Vancouver
Synopsis:Kyle came to Vancouver from Prince George to plant trees and pick daffodils. He was last seen in the 1000 block of Granville St on 2011-01-26. He has not been located.
Description:Caucasian male, 5’8″ tall and 160 lbs. At the time of his missing report he had a green mohwak and has multiple tattoos on his arms.
Incident Number:2017-119329

CREY, Dawn Teresa

Date Last Seen:2000-11-08
Missing From:Vancouver
Synopsis:Dawn was reported missing by her doctor in a support group. She had expressed concern to her that she did not feel safe at the Balmoral Hotel. DNA was located on clothing found at the Pickton farm and while charges were recommended by investigators, they were not approved by crown.
Incident Number:2000-280034

GUNO, Rebecca Louisa

Date Last Seen:1983-06-22
Missing From:Vancouver
Synopsis:Rebecca was originally reported missing as she was supposed to go to the Lone Star Pub to meet some friends. I was later determined that she was not going to the pub, rather she was with a friend named Josh. Her wallet was found several block from her residence a considerable time after the missing report. The file was investigated on three different occasions and she has never been located nor has the identity of ‘Josh’ been confirmed.
Incident Number:83-40409


Date Last Seen:April 1986
Missing From:Vancouver
Synopsis:David was transient in nature and roamed across Canada existing off of small, odd jobs. He was a loner by nature and had a hard time maintaining relationships. He came to visit his mother in April 1986 and has not been seen since.
Incident Number:87-29384

RAIL, Sherry Lynn

Date Last Seen:1983-11-21
Missing From:2117 E 54th Ave, Vancouver
Synopsis:Sherry left her suite with all of her belongings still inside and was never seen again.
Incident Number:86-96028


Date Last Seen:86-06-23
Missing From:1750 Haro St, Vancouver
Synopsis:David was diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes and was depressed. His apartment was found to be intact with all of his belongings still there and it is believed that he likely committed suicide. He has never been located.
Incident Number:86-44165

MOORE, Marilyn

Date Last Seen:1986-04
Missing From:2913 Watson St (Bert’s Restaurant)
Synopsis:Marilyn moved to Vancouver from the US and at the time she went missing was emotionally distressed. While it is believed that she committed suicide, she has never been located and the file remains open.
Incident Number:86-44636