How to report someone as missing?

    To report someone missing, call in to your local police department or the police department where the missing person was last known to be at. In Vancouver, please call the non-emergency line at 604.717.3321 and 911 for high-risk missing persons cases.

    Who can report someone as missing?

    Anyone can make a missing persons report, not just family members.

    What information is helpful?

    This changes from case to case, but some examples of pertinent information are;

    – Where and when were they last seen?

    – An updated photograph of the missing person.

    – Does the missing person have any pre-existing medical or mental health conditions?

    – Some helpful tools for the police to assist in locating the missing person are cell phone number(s), email, banking information, government social assistance, and social media account information.

    How can I get updates regarding my missing person report?

    The Vancouver Missing website is updated as new information comes to light. Should your missing person be located a member of the police will contact you directly.

    How can I provide information to assist in the missing person report?

    You can either call in to the non-emergency line or you can fill out the contact form above.