LAPLANTE, Orville Sydney

Date Last Seen:2011-08-28
Missing From:Vancouver
Synopsis:Orville moved from Regina to Vancouver where he worked as a wheel greaser, which he told his daughter on the phone in May 2012. He has not been located.
Description:Indigenous male, 5’9″ tall and 170 lbs, He has black hair and brown eyes and wears prescription glasses. He has a tattoo on his right forearm of a heart and a cross with O.L. and on his left forearm wings, a heart and a banner.
Incident Number:14-196472

JUTTE, Andrew Erik

Date Last Seen:September 2017
Missing From:Vancouver, BC
Synopsis:Andrew has been missing since September 2017. He was an aspiring actor at the time of his missing report.
Description:Caucasian male, 5’5″ tall with a slim build. Andrew has blonde or light brown hair and blue/grey eyes. He may have a beard.
Incident Number:2017-265186

MIYAJI, Shiryu

Date Last Seen:January 2020
Missing From:Stanley Park, Vancouver
Synopsis:Shiryu was last known to be in Vancouver in early 2020. He had travelled to BC from Japan and had previously supported himself through gambling. His suitcase was located in Stanley Park in January 2020. He may be homeless and living on the streets or in the woods. Any information of his whereabouts, please contact the VPD Missing Persons Unit.
Description:Japanese male, 5’9″ slim build with black hair and brown eyes.
Incident Number:2020-151466

KOKS, Karrissa Nellie

Date Last Seen:2017-10-07
Missing From:Vancouver DTES
Synopsis:Karrissa was last seen in the downtown east side of Vancouver in late 2017. Please notify the VPD Missing Persons Unit with any information regarding her disappearance.
Description:Indigenous female, 5’4″ tall and 100 lbs. Short brown hair and brown eyes.
Incident Number:2018-86057

POORMAN, Chelsea Dawn

Date Last Seen:2020-09-07
Missing From:Granville St and Davie St, Vancouver
Synopsis:Chelsea was last seen leaving a bar in the area of Granville St and Davie St in Vancouver on September 7th, 2020 at approximately 0100 hrs. Please notify the Vancouver Police Department Missing Persons Unit with any information of her whereabouts.
Description:Indigenous Female, 5’3″ tall and 120 lbs. She has tattoos on her neck, and is unable to fully straighten her arm.
Incident Number:2020-160100


EPPERSON, Nicholas Gregory

Date Last Seen:2015-02-02
Missing From:Vancouver, BC
Synopsis:Nicholas was last seen by his family in February, 2015. All avenues to locate him have failed and it is believed that he has either committed suicide or has chosen to live in anonymity. He suffered from mental health issues at the time of the missing report. Any information that can assist in the investigation can be forwarded to the VPD MPU via the contact page.
Description:Caucasian male, 6’2″ tall and 150 lbs. At the time of the report he had blonde/red curly hair.
Incident Number:15-98670