TRIBULL, Kyle Everette

Date Last Seen:2011-01-26
Missing From:1000 block Granville St, Vancouver
Synopsis:Kyle came to Vancouver from Prince George to plant trees and pick daffodils. He was last seen in the 1000 block of Granville St on 2011-01-26. He has not been located.
Description:Caucasian male, 5’8″ tall and 160 lbs. At the time of his missing report he had a green mohwak and has multiple tattoos on his arms.
Incident Number:2017-119329

LEE, Jung-An

Date Last Seen:2012-11-23
Missing From:5530 Culloden St, Vancouver
Synopsis:Jung-An was reported missing by his landlord in 2012. He was believed to be under treatment for psychiatric issues at the time of the report. He has not been located.
Incident Number:12-194255

LAPLANTE, Orville Sydney

Date Last Seen:2011-08-28
Missing From:Vancouver
Synopsis:Orville moved from Regina to Vancouver where he worked as a wheel greaser, which he told his daughter on the phone in May 2012. He has not been located.
Description:Indigenous male, 5’9″ tall and 170 lbs, He has black hair and brown eyes and wears prescription glasses. He has a tattoo on his right forearm of a heart and a cross with O.L. and on his left forearm wings, a heart and a banner.
Incident Number:14-196472

PIKE, Sidney

Date Last Seen:2013-01-09
Missing From:1068 Homer St
Synopsis:Sidney was taken new medication related to side effects from his cancer treatment. He had left a suicide note for his mother and has never been located.
Description:Caucasian male, shaved head.
Incident Number:13-4620


Date Last Seen:2009-11-20
Missing From:Vancouver, BC
Synopsis:Philip had moved to Vancouver from Ontario to see the world and get employment. He had last emailed his family to let him know that he had gotten a job with a cruise line and was going to come home for Christmas. He has never been seen again.
Description:Caucasian male, medium build, brown hair and brown eyes.
Incident Number:12-24163

DEMMON, Luther Warren

Date Last Seen:2017-10-22
Missing From:800 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
Synopsis:Luther was last heard from when he made suicidal comments to his mother on the telephone. He has not been seen or heard from since.
Description:Caucasian male, 6′ tall and 180 lbs. He had curly brown hair and green eyes with a beard at the time of the missing report. He had a mosquito tattoo on his neck, a moth on his chest and tattoos on his fingers.
Incident Number:17-218111

MUNRO, Charles Victor

Date Last Seen:August 2016
Missing From:3600 W 16th Ave, Vancouver
Synopsis:“Victor” was reported missing by his family in November 2016. He stopped showing up for work and left his residence. He has still not been located.
Description:Caucasian male, 5’10” tall with a slim build. He had short curly brown hair.
Incident Number:2016-236353


Date Last Seen:2018-02-07
Missing From:Downtown Vancouver
Synopsis:Bernard suffered from mental health issues as well as addiction issues. He came to Vancouver from Winnipeg in 2017 and has not been heard from since 2018.
Description:Black male, 6’1″ tall with a slim build. He has short black hair and may have a beard.
Incident Number:2018-138908


Date Last Seen:June 28/29, 2019
Missing From:310 Alexander St, Vancouver
Synopsis:David was suffering from Altzheimers when he was reported missing on July 1, 2019 by staff at his home. They believe he was last seen on either June 28 or 29 1999. This is very out of character for Sullivan who has never gone missing before. Staff report that Sullivan is very attached to his pet cat and would never leave it without food and water. Family are extremely worried about his well being and report that Sullivan’s Altzheimers is progressing very quickly.
Description:Caucasian male, 6’, 300 lbs, balding with brown hair, brown eyes, no clothing description but known to always wear shorts
Incident Number:19-127932


Date Last Seen:November 2017
Missing From:North Vancouver, Grouse Mountain
Synopsis:Carl was last seen walking towards a trail head in North Vancouver. It was a clear and warm day when he left for a hike but the weather turned and quickly snowed and got colder. North Shore Search and Rescue did an exhaustive search of the area but he has not been found.
Description:Caucasian male, 6’2″ tall with a slim build. He had blonde hair and fair skin.
Incident Number:2017-226512