CREY, Dawn Teresa

Date Last Seen:2000-11-08
Missing From:Vancouver
Synopsis:Dawn was reported missing by her doctor in a support group. She had expressed concern to her that she did not feel safe at the Balmoral Hotel. DNA was located on clothing found at the Pickton farm and while charges were recommended by investigators, they were not approved by crown.
Incident Number:2000-280034


Date Last Seen:2009-11-08
Missing From:Stanley Park, Vancouver
Synopsis:Pierre was having mental health issues at the time he was reported missing. He had a wife and two small children at the time. His vehicle was located in Stanley Park and he has not been found.
Description:Caucasian male,
Incident Number:

DEVLIN, Geraldine

Date Last Seen:2011-09-27
Missing From:Downtown Vancouver
Synopsis:Geraldine travelled to Vancouver from Kamloops in 2011. During her last contact with family she was emotionally distraught. She has not been heard from since and foul play is not suspected.
Description:Caucasian female, 5’7″ tall and 125 lbs. She had greying brown hair and brown eyes with prescription glasses at the time of the missing report.
Incident Number:15-26029


Date Last Seen:2006-12
Missing From:1261 Granville St, Vancouver
Synopsis:David was last heard from in December 2006.
Description:Caucasian male, 6′ tall, 165lbs with brown hair and brown eyes.
Incident Number:08-2407

SILUCH, Kevin Daniel

Date Last Seen:2005-11-05
Missing From:Vancouver, BC
Synopsis:Kevin was last seen after being released from Vancouver jail after an argument with his girlfriend. He made several call to California prior to being reported as missing, but none of his belongings were disturbed and there was cash clothing and personal belongings in his apartment. He has not been located.
Description:Caucasian male, 6′ tall and 180 lbs with has brown hair and blue eyes. He has facial paralysis and a tattoo of a raven on his chest.
Incident Number:05-268611


Date Last Seen:2004-05-20
Missing From:Vancouver
Synopsis:Peter was last seen by his landlord in mid-2004. He was a pensioner who lived alone and had little contact with anyone. He has still not ben located.
Description:Dark complexion male with black hair and brown eyes. He stands 5’7″ tall and about 120 lbs.
Incident Number:04-155539

GARY, Randall

Date Last Seen:2003-05-16
Missing From:Between Alaska and Vancouver aboard the MV VEENDAM.
Synopsis:Randall was a psychotherapist and restauranteur who was travelling via boat from Alaska to Vancouver. He was seen on the boat up until May 16th, but his clothing, wallet and belongings were found in his cabin. He has not been located.
Description:Caucasian male, brown hair and brown eyes.
Incident Number:03-118128

PETER, Henry John

Date Last Seen:July 2002
Missing From:Vancouver
Synopsis:Henry was last seen in company of his girlfriend Candace Giebel (also missing) in downtown Vancouver. They have not been located and are still considered missing.
Description:Indigenous male, 5’10” tall and 2010 lbs. He had brown hair and brown eyes at the time of the missing report.
Incident Number:03-103549

GIEBEL, Candace Mae Jolene

Date Last Seen:2002-08-01
Missing From:Vancouver
Synopsis:Candace was last known to be in company of Henry Peters (also listed as missing). They lived a transient and nomadic lifestyle and were also drug users. Neither has been located and both are still listed as missing.
Description:Caucasian female, 5’2″ tall, 100 lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a tattoo of a flower on her back.
Incident Number:2003-18043

FOWLIE, Gordon

Date Last Seen:2001-12-03
Missing From:35 W Broadway, Vancouver
Synopsis:Gordon was reported missing by his family and it was believed that he took his own life. He walked with a slight limp due to one leg being shorter than the other. He has not been located.
Description:Caucasian male, 6’1″ tall and 170 lbs. He had light brown hair, blue eyes, and had cysts on his cheek. One leg was slightly longer than the other.
Incident Number:01-277092